Sunday, June 16, 2013

You're such an amazing father- true story

Here is the card that I made at Niki's class some time ago.  It came in handy for the kids to give to their dad.  I had to amend the card a little.  You can see Niki's version here.  Mine-well, I had a little mishap with the date stamp.  So what do I do? Put a sticker to cover up my mistake.  True story.

The sticker is so silly.  It says 'True story home slice.'  I love the Epic Day stickers.  They are a must-have.  Stampin' Up! is branching out and selling some really cute sassy stamps, stickers, and embellishments I like it.  I especially love the sticker because it is a nod to our favorite show 'How I Met Your Mother.' One of our favorite characters is Barney and he will lie through his teeth about something and then say 'True story' and the end.  It is so silly and funny.  That is my husband- always the jokester.  However, it is true that he is an amazing father and an amazing husband.

Happy Father's Day to you Gary!!!

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